Kenya deploys more soldiers at its border two days after Kismayo attack

The government of Kenya has intensified security patrols at the border points with Somalia to halt intrusion by al-Shabab barely three days after Kismayo attack.

In a statement, Wajir County Commissioner Loyford Kibaara said more security officers were deployed to areas along the Kenya-Somalia border following the attack.

He stated that the operations were meant to thwart the group’s spate of attacks targeting civilians and government installations.

The commissioner said that enhanced security measures had thwarted “numerous attacks” in the area with the people’s cooperation and that the gunmen had been pushed further into Somalia.

Al-Shabab fighters have in the past killed civilians in Kenya before slipping back to Somalia, a phenomenon blamed on the porous and extensive border.

The development coincided with the deadly attack on a hotel in Kismayo whose responsibility was claimed by al-Shabaab.

The attack on Madina Hotel which took place on Friday evening killed lives of over 30 people and injured over 50.

Kenya has thousands of its military soldiers in Somalia operating under the framework of African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).

The troops entered in Somalia in 2011 to fight al-Shabaab which was accused of carrying out attacks inside Kenya.