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Sunday, August 14, 2022

PM Hamza vows to intensify fight against al-Shabaab

Somalia will start offensives to liberate areas under al-Shabaab to make the nation peaceful and prosperous, the Somali prime minister vowed as he was assuming office.

The newly approved Prime minister Hamza Abdi Barre on Tuesday officially assumed office as the country’s 21st Prime Minister following a ceremony held in Mogadishu.

Speaking at a handing-over ceremony, PM Hamza pledged that his soon-to-be-formed will focus on the security and stabilization of the country.

“Nothing else can be done without security. That is where Somalia needs to address, and the solution is there. “By working together and reaching an agreement, it is important we move ahead to liberate the country,” he said.

The outgoing Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble along with his successor
Hamza also inspected the new Government Headquarters and the Prime Minister’s Office which are in the final stages of completion.

The project to build the headquarters in Warta-nabada was funded by Qatari government.

PM Hamsa thanked the outgoing PM and everyone who contributed to the construction of the centre.

“I commend PM Mohamed Hussein Roble for his statesmanship & steadfastness in leading the Somali Government during a precarious transition period, which culminated in the peaceful transfer of power. I cannot thank you enough for all your sacrifices to our Nation” PM Hamsa.

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