Two al-Shabaab fighters executed by military court for terrorism in Mogadishu

Somali military court has on Monday executed two al-Shabaab members for terrorism.

The two, Anshour Omar Abukar 23, Mohamed Ali Borow, 25 were convicted for role in multiple attacks including attacks which resulted death of journalist Awil Dahir Salad and General Secretary of Somali women Anab A Hashi on December last year.

They were found responsible for the attack next to the national theatre that claimed the lives of 26 people and injured several others.

Ashur and Borow were arrested by the security agencies near the crime scene after get off from a vehicle which late exploded and resulted damages to nearby buildings.

The two suspects were sentenced to death by the court martial after accepting as members of armed group and part of militants responsible for the December attack.

Somali military court which handles terror related cases has faced criticisms from human rights organizations for death trials .