Turkey pledges to support education and health sectors in Garissa

The Turkish government has pledged to support Garissa town in various sectors of the economy.

Turkish Ambassador to Kenya Ahmed Miroglu has signed partnership deal Carissa county officials.

According to a statement, the partnership will help grow the Agriculture, Education, and Health sectors.

Miroglu toured Hyuga visited Kasuku Girls Primary and Garissa Referral Hospital Eye surgical camps during a tour in Garissa county.

During the visit, the ambassador inspected the words of patients who underwent eye operations.

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) performed free eye surgeries and treatment at the Garissa Hospital and also distributed eyeglasses to school children.

“We came with eye specialists and university students from Turkey to help improve eyesight for those who cannot afford to seek surgery and distribute eyeglasses to school children whose reading capacity was hindered due to poor eyesight,” said Miroglu.

The camp was organized as Turkish Embassy marked the country’s 15 July Democracy and National unity week in Garissa.

Abdi M. Ali who represented Governor Ali Korane lauded the Turkish government for supporting Garissa County in accelerating development.

“Garissa County will prosper to greater heights in development following the mutual partnership with the Turkish Government,” said Abdi.