Southwest state investigates recent killings in Baidoa

The leader of Southwest state of Somalia, Abdiasis Hassan Mohamed alias Lafta Gareen has named a committee to investigate recent killings in Baidoa.

The nine-member committee which includes cabinet members, members of the regional assembly and security agencies are expected to come up with a report on the murder of five people in the administrative capital last week.

The ethnic linked conflict in the state led to a tension when former politician, businessman and a farmer Hajji Ali Adan Margus was shot dead by Gunmen in his farm on Friday.

The Federal government of Somalia called for calm and urgent investigation, hence bringing to book the perpetrators of the violence.

President Abdiasis Lafta Garen urged residents to maintain law and order and allow the relevant government agencies to perform their duties.

Meanwhile, Federal government officials together with the organizers of the Baidoa exhibition held a prayer meeting for the five innocent lives lost in the clashes last week.

Mohamed Dubo, Senior Investment Advisor- Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development who was present during the event in Mogadishu on Monday called for an end to the senseless violence across the country.

“It does not make sense to mourn the loss of the most productive people in our society day in day out.” Dubo said, adding “This must be a red line for us before it is too late.”

The organizers of the 1st annual arts and culture event recalled their interaction with former politician and businessman, Hajji Ali Adan Margus who welcomed them in his farm outside Baidoa.