Somaliland vows to use execessive force again amid civilian killings in Las-Anod

Somaliland military has vowed to use excessive forces to disperse weeks-long protests amid allegations of civilian killing in Las-Anod town of Sool region northern Somalia.

In a press conference, Somali military commander in Sool region, Mahad Ambashe threaten to directive his men to kill those protesting against Somaliland authorities.

In the past two week, Somaliland forces have reportedly killed 30 people who protesting against the murder of a well known politician in Las-Anod town.

The murder of the civilians prompted clashes between Somaliland forces and armed vigilantes from the areas. The hours-long fighting led Somaliland forces to withdraw from Las-Anod town.

But Ambashe insisted that Somaliland forces still in control of the region, saying forces will not withdraw from the region but ready to eliminate ” the boys and girls deestibilising the region.”

“Every corner, there are those saying Las-Anod town was capture, let me tell them that this is our town and we are ready to defend the region,” Ambashe said.

The remarks of Ambashe days after Somali government and international community called for calm in Las-Anod.

Somaliland, a region in northern Somalia declared to have seceded from the rest of Somalia after the region accused of the former government led by then President Mohamed Siyad Barre.

Despite the relative peace in the region, the International community did not recognize Somaliland.