Somalia to attend Pan-African conference for speakers in South Africa

Somali delegation led by Somali Lower House Speaker, Mohamed Mursal Sheikh Abdirahman has traveled to South Africa to attend the conference of Speakers from African Parliaments.

The speakers and other delegates were received at Jonesburg Airport by South African authorities.

According to the South African government which is hosting the conference, the meeting is expected to kick off later today in Johannesburg with matters concerning enhancing co-operation between respective Parliaments in the continent, top on the agenda.

The annual conference brings together Speakers from the Regional Economic Communities and the National Parliaments and is hosted by the Johannesburg based Pan-African Parliament (PAP).

The conference seeks to provide progress on the implementation of the African Union decisions focusing on the development of the continent and will also address the refugee affairs.

The conference will be concluded tomorrow with communiqué illustrating the points discussed during the meeting.