Somalia plans to revive its defunct national carrier

Somali government has announced plans to revive its national carrier, Somali Airlines.

This follows a statement by the country’s Civil Aviation, Fardowsa Osman Egal who appointed seven committee members, directing them to work on the revival of Somali Airlines.

The committees include:

Ali Gacal Gaabow, appointed as the committee leader Captain Mohamed Nur Aadan

Captain Cabdi Guled Mohamed

Ahmed Moalim Hassan

Captain Aidarus Ahmed Kahiye

Abdi Mohamed Mohamud.

Abdirisakh Aadan Geddi will be the secretary of the appointed committee.

Members of the committee were given 30 days from November 1st to submit a comprehensive plan to resurrect Somali Airlines.

The plans Somali airlines take to the skies were tabled in 2012 as the country’s stakeholders launched a campaign to resurrect the defunct national carrier go ahead. Somali Airlines operated between 1964 and 1991.

Somali Airlines was grounded in 1991 when Somalia’s central government collapsed.