Somali troops take new grounds from Al-Shabaab in Lower Shabelle

Somali National Army has taken new areas from al-Shabaab in Lower Shabelle region on Sunday.

The troops seized Yaaqbari Weyne, MadaxMarodi and Lego villages during operation.

Colonel, Mohamed Abdullahi Arale who was leading contingents from 35th brigade of the 60th division confirmed the news to state media.

Col. Arale said his troops killed 15 fighters during the operation while destroying several vehicles used by the militants.

According to sources, the operation was backed by US force air support since no confirmation from AFRICOM.

The new grounds retaken by Somali troops were held by al-Shabaab fighters since 2015 when AMISOM contingents from Burundi retreated following an attack.

Somali National Army backed By AU peacekeeping troops in support from US drone strikes intensified operations against armed group al-Shabaab in recent months.

The offensive by SNA has led to the recapture of key towns such as Sabiid, Barire, Canole in Lower Shabelle region.