Somali troops retake Awdhigle from al-Shabaab

Somali military has takeover the control of Awdhegle in Lower Shabelle region on Tuesday.

The unit from Danab special forces retook the agricultural town which 70 Kilometers southwest of the capital, Mogadishu.

According to Somali National Army commander, Gen. Odowaa Yusuf Raage the special forces took without any resistance.

Residents told the media that al-Shabaab fighters vacated the area.

Awdhigle changed hands between the government and the armed group for the past years.

It will be the fourth strategic town in Somalia’s food basket region that was retaken from the group within this year.

Somali army backed by AMISOM troops earlier took the control of Sabiid, Barire and Anole from al-Shabaab earlier this year.