Somali to introduce annual award in honor of slain Journalist Hodan Naleye

Somali Foreign Affairs ministry has announced the introduction of an annual award in honor of slain Somali Journalist, Hodan Naleye.

Foreign Affairs and the International Cooperation Minister, Ambassador, Ahmed Isse Awad said his ministry will recognize outstanding Journalists who made a positive contribution from the Somali Diaspora community.

“In honour of Hodan Naleye inspirational life, the ministry of foreign affairs will have, the Hodan Nalaye Award InshaAllah.” Ambassador Awad said, adding “Every year we will recognize an outstanding individual who made a positive contribution from the Somali Diaspora.”

Mrs. Naleye who is the founder of the Integration TV in Canada to showcase the positive side of Somalia was among 26 people killed in an al-Shabaab attack in a hotel in the southern port city of Kismayo on Friday.

Meanwhile, Edmonton scholarship to be awarded in slain journalist’s name, the new scholarship in Edmonton where Hodan grew up aims to continue her legacy by awarding in slain journalist’s name.

“Nobody can replace her but I hope somebody will stand up and fill up her spot and go back and build that region again,” said family friend Rashid Hersi, in an interview on CBC Radio’s Edmonton AM on Monday.

“There is a lot of clips where she’s sitting in shanty small restaurants as she’s dining with the locals, as she’s going into the bush and she’s going to the nomads and drinking cow milk, and she’s going to the beach,” Hersi added.