Somali President ‘Farmajo’ renounces his US citizenship

Somali President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has renounced his US citizenship, Villa has confirmed on Thursday.

Press statement from the Communications Director office, Abdinur Mohamed Ahmed said the process to give-up on US citizenship by the President was taken care of by legal experts for the past two years since the head of state decided.
” The procedure to renounce US citizenship was on process for the past two years with cooperation between Somali and US immigration departments.” The statement said.

Somali provisional constitution gives the green light for double nationality but according to Villa Somalia, President Farmajo was ready to surrender citizenship of US by handing over the passport since his election of February 2017.

” The President has voluntarily started the process shortly after his election.”

President Farmajo who lived, studied and worked in US joined Somali politics in 2010 as Prime Minister in Sheikh Sharif Ahmed government.
His decision to give up double nationality will open new debate among several Somali politicians and elites who hold double nationality.