Somali military court sentences man to death for his role in car bomb attack

Somali military court has sentenced a man to death for his role in an explosive attack last year.

The court announced the death sentence for Hassan Ali Bare for November 2018 attack at Kawo Godey junction in Wadajir district in Mogadishu.

The military court also ruled life sentence for Sayid Ali Adan and freed Muheydin Mohamed Ahmed for lack of sufficient evidence.

12 people were killed and more than ten were wounded following an explosive car bomb attack at the busy junction.

One of the accused was found guilty of alighting from the car that eventually exploded and caused loss of life and destruction of properties.

Somali military court which handles terror-related cases experienced condemnation from human right groups for a blanket sentence of suspects of terror attacks mainly from the armed group al-Shabaab.