Somali military court executes three al-Shabaab members

Somali firing squad has executed three al -Shabaab fighters on Wednesday morning after the military court sentenced them to death.

The court martial found the fighters guilty for their involvement in Nasa Hablod 2 hotel attack on October 2017.

18 people were killed and more than 47 others were wounded in the deadly attack claimed by the group on 28th October 2017.

The court which sat for the case on May last year finally ruled that suspects namely Farhan Mohamed Samatar, Abdinasir Daqane Hassan and Abshir Mohamed Haji were found guilty as members of the armed group that took part in the heinous hotel attack.

The final verdict which was death sentence was reached by the court on 30th May after cross examination of the evidences available and submitted by the security agencies.

Somali military court which handles terror related cases mainly focuses members of the armed group Al.shabaab, as it faced condemnation from human right groups such as amnesty international and human rights watch.

The right groups argue that suspects do not get fair trial an argument strongly denied by the Somali government.