Somali military court concludes hearing of two IS suspects’ cases

Two suspected Islamic state members appeared before Somali military court on Saturday.

Adan Mohamed Ali and Abdishakur Haji Barsanji were accused of being a member of a terror group operating in the country.

Adan was specifically tried before the court as an Islamic state member responsible for targeted attacks and assassinations in Banadir and Bari regions of Somalia.

The criminal investigation department in conjunction with the office of the public prosecution produced four accounts of murder against the first suspect allegedly carried out in Bosaso and Mogadishu that targeted government officials.

The Somali military court chairman, Major General. Nur Ali Shute said the court will reach the final decision in forthcoming days.

Human right groups have accused Somali military court of the unfair trial of terror suspects mainly members of the armed groups operating in the country.

The government of Somalia has refused the claims saying the court gives a fair trial for suspects before sentence.

in recent years the court-martial sentence several members of al-Shabaab found guilty into a death sentence.