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Somali Lower House speaker in Puntland for 21st anniversary celebration

A delegation led by the speaker of Somali Lower House, Mohamed Mursal Sheikh reached Garowe, the administrative capital of Puntland state of Somalia on Monday.

Speaker Mursal and his team which is composed of members of Lower House from the federal parliament were welcomed by the regional officials.

The speaker will attend an occasion to mark the 21st anniversary since the establishment of the semi-autonomous regional state which is slated on 1st August before presiding over the adjournment of the 44th session of Puntland regional assembly session.

A meeting between Puntland leader, Saed Abdullahi Deni and the speaker of Somali Lower House of parliament, Mohamed Mursal Sheikh on Monday evening discussed ways to improve working relations between the federal government and the regional member states.

President Deni and his deputy leader, Ahmed Elmi Karaash thanked speaker Mursal and his team for the visit.

On his side, Mursal urged the people and the leadership of Puntland state to continue their efforts in maintaining development they achieved in recent years.

Garowe was recently angered by a visit of Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Kheyre in Galkayo without its consent.
Kheyre addressed youths at Awale stadium where he also donated USD 200,000 for the construction of the stadium.

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