Somali Intelligence chief leads efforts to calm down political tension

Fahad Yaasiin
Fahad Yaasiin

The Director of Somalia’s National Security and Intelligence Agency, (NISA), Fahad Yassin is a leading an effort to calm down political tension in the country.

Mr. Yassin is reported to have met the former head of state, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed in the past two days.
He personally visited the official residence following a request for a meeting.

According to sources privy to the meeting who spoke to the media, NISA chief is organizing a meeting between members of the opposition and the government to iron out key issues and avoid the tension that is threatening stability mainly in the country.

The members of the opposition forum led by the former president, Sheikh Sharif sheikh Ahmed have accused the government of alleged travel restrictions imposed on its senior officials.

Sharif threatened to act against the government if the violations against what he termed as human right will not stop.

The warning sent shockwaves across especially to Somali elites and the international community amid the volatile security situation in the horn of African nation which is recuperating from a state of lawlessness for nearly three decades.

Experts laud efforts by an influential Intelligence officer to bring the two sides together to avoid another dangerous threat already hard-earned peace and security.