Somali government names rescue committee to deal with victims of yesterday’s blast

Somali government has appointed a committee work on facilitation of getting treatment for the victims injured in Wednesday’s Mogadishu municipal premises attack.

In a statement, Somali deputy prime minister, Mahdi Mohamed Guleid has assigned the 13 member committee to extend emergency support to the victims.

The committee comprises of Ministers and officials from Mogadishu local government.

The government also plans to airlift some of the victims who got critically injured to abroad for further treatment.

According to the government officials, the government of Qatar is today expected to send a plane to Mogadishu to ferry victims to Doha.

Among those expected to be airlifted is Mogadishu Mayor, Abdirahman Osman Omar who sustained serious injuries during the blast.

The attack which claimed the lives of several officials was condemned by the Somali government and the international community.

In a separate statement, UN and AU deplored heinous attack saying the blast is which not only demonstrates a violent disregard for the sanctity of human life but also targets Somalis working to improve the lives of their fellow Somalis in the Mogadishu-Banadir region.

The attack was claimed by al-Shabaab saying it was well-coordinated attack planned to target UN envoy who meeting with the mayor hours ago.