Somali government allocates $150k for stadium refurbishment in Baidoa

Somali Prime minister, Hassan Ali Kheire has pledged that his government will invest $150, 000 to the reconstruction of a football stadium in Baidoa town of southwest State.

In a statement, Somali prime minister said the government will rebuild Dr. Ayub Stadium which had not been refurbished for decades.

“Refurbishing Dr. Ayub Stadium takes part in the interaction society, developing the sports department and training of youth in sports,” the statement reads in part.

Sports minister of Southwest state, Ali Dhuh has thanked the prime minister for his commitment to launch development projects in the state.

“We appreciate the efforts of Prime minister to development projects, this project to rebuild the stadium will help youth interaction,” he said.

On the other hand, the prime minister held talks with civil society members on wide range issues.

The prime minister urged the public to work with Southwest state in the restoration of peace and stability in the state.