Somali FM and Saudi ambassador discuss strengthening bilateral cooperation

Somalia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ahmed Isse Awad met with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ambassador to Somalia, Mohamed Abdikani Khayad.

The two who met at Ministry of Foreign affairs headquarters in Mogadishu on Wednesday discuss ways to strengthen the historic diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Ambassador Awad and his Saudi counterpart talked about issues of mutual interest between Mogadishu and Riyadh in the Horn of the African region.

The officials also discussed cooperation in the agricultural sector to improve the economy.

The bilateral ties between the Federal Republic of Somalia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was affected when the government of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo rejected a request from gulf states of Saudi and UAE to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar following blockade.

Somalia took a neutral stand a move that angered Abu Dhabi and opened new diplomatic engagements with Doha.