Somali constitutional review committee briefs President Farmajo on progress

Somali President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo held a meeting with officials from the ministry of the constitution, parliamentary constitutional committee as well as the review committee on Wednesday.

The minister for constitution, Salah Ahmed Jamaa briefed the head of state on the progress made on the review process in the past two year.

The officials led by the minister underlined the significance of the constitution making process for the country while confirming that they have finalized the technical related sections but need more time and dialogue on topics that affect political aspects in the federal nation.

On his side, the head of state, President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo who was chairing the special meeting reiterated his government’s commitment to the completion of the provisional constitution which is still under review.

The Deputy Prime Mahdi Mohamed Guled, the chair of the parliamentary committee on constitution, Abdi Hassan Awale and the chair of the independent constitutional review committee, Mohamed Dahir Afrah were present during the session.

Completion of the constitutional review process was one of the pledges made by President Farmajo after his election on  February 2017.