SNA liberates villages from Al-Shabaab in southern Somalia

Somali national army (SNA) has took control of villages in Lower Jubba region in southern Somalia, military officials said on Thursday.

Somali forces took control of Kamjaron and Bulahaaji villages in Lower Jubba region which had been under al-Shabab rule.

Military officials told journalists the forces recovered villages following a military operation but no clashes.

“Our forces conducted a massive operation to the liberate areas under Al-Shabaab,” said Omar Bashi. “The two villages are now under put control including Kamjaron and Bulahaaji,” the commander said.

Bashi added the forces are continuing with the operation to ensure all al-shabaab fighters are flushed out of the areas they still have control on.

The forces did not encounter much resistance from al-Shabaab as the group’s fighters vacated the areas before the forces reached the areas.

Somali military backed by African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) have intensified the operations against al-Shabab fighters in South and central Somalia.

The group previously controlled many towns including the capital, the group now rules few remote areas in southern Somalia.