SNA kills three al-Shabaab fighters in Hiran region

At Least three al-Shabaab fighters have been in fighting with Somali and AU troops in Hiran region.

The clashes flared up after the Somali National Army and African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) launch joint operation.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Mohamed Ali Mohamed, deputy governor of Jalalaqsi town in charge of security said SNA backed by AMISOM forces killed three al-Shabaab in the confrontation.

“We were going to carry out an operation in the area when the militants intercepted us but our forces overpowered them, killing three of the militants,” said Mr. Mohamed.

According to the official, the operation was launched after al-Shabaab ambushed a convoy carrying Somali troops and AU forces.

Mr. Mohamed said allied forces also recovered weapons from militants.

The official vowed that the operations to hunt al-Shabaab will be continuous in his district.

He called on the locals to cooperate with Somali forces in the fight against al-Shabaab.

“I urged the public to work with the authorities as well as the military in the fighting to liberate the district from al-Shabaab,” he said.