Six killed in clashes between locals and al-Shabaab in Hiiraan

At least six people have been killed and several others wounded after local clashed with al-Shabaab fighters in Hiiraan region of central Somalia.

The fighting erupted after local fighters raided al-Shabaab bases in El-Ware village.

Speaking to a local media, Mohamed Ali, one of the leaders of the fighters said the locals defeated the group and took over the control of the village.

Ali confirmed deaths of four al-Shabaab fighters and two locals saying the fighting took more an hour before al-Shabaab was defeated.

“The fighting lasted about one hour and 20 minutes, we recaptured the village and recovered over Somali shillings 48 million. The area is under our control and al-Shabaab fled with heavy casualties,” he said.

AL-Shabaab has not yet commented on victory claimed by locals in Hiiraan region over the group’s fighters.

The group which lost control of Somali capital in 2011 now rules several villages in the countryside.

Al-Shabaab carries out deadly attacks in major towns and cities as well as raiding military bases in southern Somalia.

Somali military backed by continental forces had dislodged the group from major towns in operation which kicked in 2007 after African Union deployed troops in Somalia.