Rains continue with spate of destruction in Somaliland

At least three people have been killed and 18 others sustained injuries following torrential rains and thunderstorms that hit Hargeisa town in Somaliland, a government official has confirmed.

Marodijeh governor, Ahmed Jam’a told the media that the rains which begun Tuesday evening left a trail of death and destruction in parts of the city.

Over 67 houses among them a mental hospital collapsed as a result of the heavy rains.
According to Ahmed, three people died after a concrete electricity pole fell on a wall and subsequently collapsing it.

The incident which also injured three other happened near Amana Boarding School on the west side of the town.

“The rains were accompanied by strong winds which destroyed electricity poles and blew off roofs. So far 18 injured people and three bodies were brought to the hospital,” he said. “We will head to Sahan mental hospital which collapsed and caused injuries of five people.”

The official confirmed that the government is still assessing the extent of the destruction.

“We have so far inspected areas where rains caused destruction and we are now at the place where the three people died,” the government official said.

Many passengers were stranded on both sides of Awbarqadle Stream after a road linking Berbera and Hargeisa towns was cut off by floods.
“The flooding has been ongoing for more than six hours disrupting transport. All road users are stranded, “he said.