Puntland leader appoints new spy commissioner

Puntland leader, Saed Abdullahi Deni appointed new spy chief to lead the region’s intelligence forces amid reports claiming ISIS and al-Shabaab recruitment in the state’s terrain mountains.

In a statement, the leader has nominated Mukhtar Mohamed Hassan to head the agency’s operations against the rebel group in Puntland’s Galgala.

The leader said his nominated appointee can change the game and could lead the forces to eradicate the anti-peace elements.

Puntland has been fighting al-shabaab and ISIS fighters suspected to have training camps in northeast of the state.

In cooperation with the federal security forces, Puntland spy agency has arrested dozens of terror suspects and dismantle sleeping cells in the state.

Recently, in security operations to hunt down al-Shabaab operatives in Garowe and Bossaso following series of assassinations against officials, foreign workers and soldiers.