President Farmajo names negotiation committee between Somalia-Somaliland

Somali President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has named a committee to spearhead the negotiations between the Federal government of Somalia – Somaliland administration on Wednesday, Somali National News Agency has confirmed.

The six-member committee that is composed of former Somali military officials, member of parliament and diplomats were tasked by the President to spearhead the talks.

1.Abdullahi SheIkh Ismail – The Chairman, MP

2.Abdirahman Abdi Hussein (Guulwade) – Deputy Chair

  1. Dr. Abdirahman Maalim Abdullahi (Baadiyow) – Member
  1. Dr. Ali Said Fiqi – Member- Diplomat
  1. Major Gen. Ahmed Jamaa Muuse – Member
  1. Ali Ahmed Jamaa (Jangeli) – Member, MP

According to a press statement from Villa Somalia, the new committee is required to undertake the following issues!

  1. To spearhead and represent the behalf of the federal government of Somalia in the talks
  2. To prepare detailed research on the legal aspects as well as the political, historical, social-economic and social affairs about the talks.
  3. Advise and provide updates to the President of the federal republic of Somalia on the progress of the talks.
  4. Prepare the roadmap of the talks.
  5. The committee will finalize its structure while having the ability to hire experts and advisors.