Over 24 dead and 56 wounded in Kismayo hotel attack

Jubaland leader, Ahmed Mohamed Islam has confirmed that 26 people were killed and 56 others wounded in just concluded al-Shabaab attack on Madina hotel in Kismayo on Friday.

A press statement from President Madobe office sent heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims who lost their lives in the heinous attack particularly presidential candidate, Shuriye and former regional cabinet, Jama Farid.

According to the office of the regional leader, among those killed were ten Somalis with double nationalities while two Chinese citizens were also wounded.

They are three Kenyans, three Tanzanians, two American one Canadian, and one UK citizen.

Madobe said three of four attackers that carried out the assault were killed by the security agencies while the other one was captured alive.

He called upon the residents of the city to cooperate with security agencies to preempt such attacks in the future.

Jubaland leader also urged citizens across the country to take part in the rescue process of those affected as far as the medical provisions are concerned