OIC calls for support for Djibouti’s bid to win UN Security Council seat

The organization of Islamic Cooperation has called on its member states to fully back Djibouti’s bid to be a member of the UN Security Council member.

Djibouti and Kenya are competing to secure non-permanent membership of the security council.

This week the two countries went before the African Union in Addis where members voted in favour of Kenya.

Nairobi garnered 37 votes against Djibouti’s 13 in the second round of voting in which 51 of the 55 AU member states were present.

Despite its victory over Djibouti in AU, for Kenya to be a member of UNSC, it should win at least two-thirds votes of the UN member states when the election is held in New York next year in June.

Traditionally, elections at all UN bodies are done through formal balloting even if candidates have been endorsed by their regional group or are unopposed.

The OIC with 57 member countries threw its weight behind Djibouti candidacy for UNSC seat.

In a statement, OIC has urged the members to stand in solidarity with Djibouti.

“OIC General Secretariat has urged its Member States to stand in solidarity with Djibouti & support its candidacy for non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council (UNSC)2020-2022, representing the African Group, during the election session at the UNGA74,” the statement reads in part.

Through a tweet, Djibouti Permanent Representative to the UN and Ambassador to the US Mohamed Siad Doualeh has confirmed that his county will not quit the race for a non-permanent membership slot at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) despite the endorsement of Kenya’s candidature by AU.

“#Djibouti reaffirms its decision to continue its bid to secure a seat at the Security Council for the period 2021-2022. We thank all @UN member states that have formally expressed to support Djibouti,” he tweeted.