No-fly list: Kismayo flights to be banned for 3 Days

Somalia civil aviation authority issues new directive to airlines operating Kismayo route.

Somali civil aviation and metrology authority (SCAMA) has issued an executive order suspending all flights to Kismayo between 23-26th of September.

SCAMA notified all flights operating along the route on the specified dates starting from today (Monday) till Thursday.

The decision to restrict flights to Jubbaland administrative headquarters collides with inauguration schedule of the regional leader, Ahmed Mohamed Islam which was slated on 26th this month.

Several Somali politicians including former President, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed who were expected to attend the inauguration ceremony were affected by the move after their flight was halted at Adden Abdulle International Airport on Sunday.

The Somali aviation agency informed all international and local flights to and from Kismayo to enroute Mogadishu.

The directive which was first issued on August was compiled before the surprise move came on Sunday.

The move is linked to disputed results of the regional state elections in which Ahmed Mohamed Islam was re-elected.

Federal government dismissed the outcome arguing the guidelines of the Interior Ministry was not followed.