Nigerian senator lambasts Guinea for hosting Somaliland leader

Nigerian Senate has criticised Guinea’s decision to extend the controversial Visit of so-called President of Self-Declared state of Somaliland.

In a Twitter post, Shehu Sani a Nigerian senator termed the invitation by Guinea government and the attempt to accord recognition to Somalia.

“it is wrong for Guinea or any West African country to accord any form of recognition to Somaliland or any breakaway part of Somaliland,” reads the post.
The senator stated that the continent and Nigeria recognize Somalia.

“There is only one Somalia. That has been our position and shall remain unchanged,” he said.

He hoped that Somalia will resolve its problems internally and will step on its feet.

“The challenges of Somalia is a phase and shall someday be history,” he wished.

The development barely four days after Somalia protested against Guinea’s move and subsequently cut diplomatic ties with it.

Somalia accused Guinea of violating its sovereignty.

The Somali government said it is time they told the world that the Somali federal government and Somalis will not tolerate any violation of their sovereignty, unity, and independence.