Mandera pays the economic cost of al-Shabaab attacks, official

Kenya Minister for Cooperatives Development, Ali Noor Ismail has said the economy of Mandera county on Kenya’s border with Somalia has been paralyzed by al-Shabaab attacks.

Speaking to the media, the minister emphasized saying security in the region would boost trade and development in Mandera county as well while the northeastern region.

Ismail who said the region has lagged behind in development because of insecurity urged
the residents to maintain security for development to thrive.

“These are real enemies of progress that we should unite and vigorously fight to eliminate. I’m happy that the local leadership, security apparatus, and residents are working together towards ensuring peace,” he said.

The minister advised youths not to be lured into joining the terror group and appealed to residents to cooperate with government agencies in maintaining peace and security.

“Report all bad elements amongst you and we will surely make big strides in maintaining security for fast development. Youths should not accept to be brainwashed by the radical group who are set reverse the achievements of our great country.”

Noor said the government has distributed more than Sh140 million to youths to boost business in the region.