Kenya pledges support for Jubbaland to exert pressure on SFG

The government of Kenya has pledged support for Ahmed Mohamed Islam who won a divisive election held in Kismayo town.

In a statement, Kenya ministry for Foreign Affairs has said the East Africa nation is ready to help the region get peace.

“Kenya remains ready, as always to support in the line with our fundamental policy of forging good neighbourness and pursue sustainable regional peace and stability,” the statement reads in part.

The statement urged the sides in Jubbaland state to work with the federal government by abiding the provisional constitution of Somalia.

“Kenya calls upon ‘administration’ of Jubbaland federal member state to work in close collaboration with the federal government of Somalia and the dissenting opinions in line with the federal constitution and statutory framework in order to usher in a new era of the constitution,” Kenya government said.

The president of the southern Somali state of Jubbaland,

Ahmed Mohamed Madobe has been ruling the state for the last eight years declared to have won another term in office the last following after a divisive election.

Madobe won 56 of the 74 votes cast by his pro-lawmakers in the controversial regional parliament.

Hours after the controversial Poll ended, Somalia had declared that it would not recognize the Jubbaland election outcome and accused Madobe of interfering with the selection of presidential candidates.