Kenya dispels accusations by Djibouti over destabilizing Somalia

The government of Kenya has vehemently dismissed accusations levelled against it by Djibouti, which term Kenya as country that could lead the region.

Speaking to BBC Somali service, Kenya’s Parliament majority leader, Adan Barre Duale has termed the remarks of Djibouti foreign minister, Mohamud Yussuf Ali as unfortunate.

The comments by Djibouti foreign minister, brother Mohamud claiming Kenya could not entrusted with the security of the region, were unfortunate and wrong because since when it gained its independence, Kenya has been a country working on peace and stability,” he said.

Duale said Kenya has been fighting to restore peace in the region as well as the globe.

“We have participated the reconciliation of South Sudan, Somalia, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Democratic Republic of Congo. We are part of the countries lead by US in the fight against terrorists and pirates,” he said.
The development comes barely a week after Djibouti foreign minister, Mohamud Yussuf Ali said Kenya could not represent Africa at UN Security Council as it rivals with Somalia over border.

“We think Kenya is threat to Somalia, Kenya could use its UNSC membership to exert pressure on Somalia over maritime border dispute and that could escalate the situation,” he said.

Djibouti and Kenya are competing to secure non-permanent membership of Security Council.

The two countries went before African Union in Addis where members voted in favor of Kenya.

Nairobi garnered 37 votes against Djibouti’s 13 in a second round of voting in which 51 of the 55 AU member states were present.

Despite its victory over Djibouti in AU, for Kenya to be a member of UNSC, it should win at least two-thirds votes of the UN member states when the election is held in New York next year in June.

Djibouti Permanent Representative to the UN and Ambassador to the US Mohamed Siad Doualeh has confirmed that his county will not quit the race for a non-permanent membership slot at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) despite the endorsement of Kenya’s candidature by AU.