Jubbaland Leader ‘Madobe’ inauguration postponed

Jubbaland Leader Ahmed Madobe
Jubbaland Leader Ahmed Madobe

Jubbaland regional state of Somalia has announced the postponement of regional leader inaugurated on Wednesday.

The ceremony was slated on 26th September thus on Thursday.

A letter from Kismayo cited Federal Govt’s move to block dignitaries from attending the even as the main stumbling block, however, no date has been set for the new inauguration.

“ Jubbaland regional state of Somalia informs the dignitaries and international community representatives that the inauguration ceremony of the state leader was postponed.” The letter said.

“The delay follows the unlawful move by the federal government to block former presidents, MPs and other invited guests.” It added.

The statement further said the unlawful suspension of flights by the government had impacted on the residents of the state.

Ministry of aviation has on Monday directed the suspension of all flights to Jubbaland state from 23rd till 26th September.

Former President, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed was affected by the directive as his plane blocked up at Adden Abdulle International airport.

He has accused the government of the unlawful travel restriction following his press conference in Mogadishu.