Investment Forum to be concluded in Garowe

The three-day Investment Forum in Garowe expected to be concluded today.

The event which kicked off on last Sunday had displayed many business opportunities in Puntland as well as whole Somalia.

Among the opportunities are livestock, fishing, agriculture, tourism, mining, energy, real estate, education, health care, and transport.

The participants among them Puntland leaders, foreign and local entrepreneurs discussed means to enhance business and economy.

Somali Minister for planning who addressed the forum on the importance of the investment has welcomed the efforts to attract more entrepreneurs.

“Somalia is recovering; it needs people who benefit from its natural resources as well as other opportunities,” he said.

At the opening ceremony, Said Abdullahi said his administration is committed to improving the security of the state in order to boost the economy.

“Everywhere in this world there is insecurity Puntland is part of the world, as a state will eliminate the remaining Alshabaab in Puntland, but I encourage to Invest, we will protect for all investors in short term and long term,” said Deni.