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Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Safari in Harlem Is NYC’s Premiere Destination for Somali Food and Culture

When Maymuuna Birjeeb opened her Harlem-based restaurant Safari over six years ago, she had little notion it was once the site of a social...

Finland’s first Somali-born MP officially sworn in

Suldaan Said Ahmed (Left) has been officially sworn in as a Member of Parliament, becoming Finland's first Somali-background MP. The Helsinki city councillor replaces party...

WATCH VIDEO: Is Somalia’s hunger and homelessness crisis beyond hope?

https://youtu.be/xJ2ndtLEw7A An ever-growing number of people across Somalia are leaving their homes to escape conflict and the impact of extreme weather events that have devastated...

Libya frees Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saadi from jail

Saadi Gaddafi, son of Libya's late dictator Muammar Gaddafi, who was overthrown and killed in a 2011 uprising, has been freed from jail, a...

Guinea coup leaders impose nationwide curfew

Guinean special forces staged a coup on Sunday, capturing President Alpha Conde and announcing a nationwide curfew "until further notice" as well as the...

How the U.S. plans to run diplomacy in Afghanistan from afar

By Josh Lederman WASHINGTON — The U.S. says it will remain intimately engaged in diplomacy in Afghanistan on topics from counterterrorism and humanitarian aid to...

US does have troops in Somalia and Yemen, contrary to Psaki and Sullivan

By Jerry Dunleavy / Washington Examiner White House press secretary Jen Psaki falsely claimed the United States does not have any troops in Yemen or...

Taliban says Afghanistan ‘free nation’ as it hails US exit

By Ted Regencia and Tamila Varshalomidze / AlJazeera  The Taliban says Afghanistan is a “free and sovereign” nation as it hails the exit of US...

‘Escape From Mogadishu’ becomes most-watched film of 2021 in South Korea

By Puah Ziwei / NME Escape From Mogadishu, the new film from director Ryoo Seung-wan, has become the most-watched South Korean film of 2021 so...

Afghanistan collapse and strikes in Somalia raise snags for drone warfare rules

By Charlie Savage / NY Times WASHINGTON — The Biden administration has nearly completed a policy to govern counterterrorism drone strikes and commando raids outside...

Ramla Ali tells Sky Sports about challenging build-up to historic Olympic bout for Somalia...

If you're going to greet Ramla Ali with repetitive questions about her last fight, then you should stop and listen to a stinging account...

Why Taliban victory spells trouble for Kenya’s Shabaab fight

Kenyan officials in Nairobi may face a new barrier in their bid to push Al-Shabaab into a tighter corner with more sanctions after the...


Efforts under way to end Somalia leaders’ spat

Somali politicians have launched frantic efforts to defuse tensions after a damaging feud between the president and prime minister plunged the troubled country into...