Abdi Abdullahi Hashi, the outgoing Upper House Speaker has today retained his seat as a Senator of the Upper House of the Federal Parliament of Somalia after defeating his opponent.

According to the electoral Commission, Senator Hashi has garnered 44 votes while his challenger got nothing.

The commission also confirmed that two votes got spoiled.

Hashi who had been serving as Speaker of Upper House for the past four years will be the first senator-elect for Somaliland representatives in the federal Parliament.

Meanwhile, the 46 electoral delegates have also elected Salah Ahmed Jama, making him the second Senator-elect for the northern region.

Jama received 29 votes while his opponent, Somalia’s former chief justice, Ibrahim Idle Saleban got 12 votes.

The electoral Commission declared five votes invalid.

The voting is underway as four more senators are expected to be elected today.


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