The long-awaited verdict on the maritime delimitation case between Somalia and Kenya to be delivered by International Court Justice (ICJ), Somali deputy prime minister confirmed on Monday.

In a brief statement, Somali Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled  said the court will announce its ruling on the maritime case on 12th October.

“It is my pleasure to share with the Somali people that the International Court of Justice will announce its rule on the maritime case between Somalia and Kenya on October 12, 2021,” said Guled who was the principal agent for Somalia during the later times of the case.

The court verdict is final and not subject to appeal.

Both Somalia and Kenya are contesting ownership of a triangular territory measuring 100,000km2 in the Indian Ocean boundary.

Somalia went to court in 2014 following what it termed as failure to settle the matter with her neighbour, Kenya bilaterally.


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