FBI draws back from Somali-American murder probe in Kenya, sources

Marxuum Bashiir Maxamed Gaboobe,

Kenyan police sources have confirmed that Federal Bureau of Investigations backed off from investigation into the death of a Somali American in Kenya.

Mohammed Bashir Mohamoud, a trader went missing after he visited the Lavington-based Miale entertainment lounge for Eid celebrations.

According to article carried by The Star, the US detectives will no longer take part in unearthing the killing of Somali-American Mohammed Bashir Mohamoud, police sources indicate.

It is not exactly clear why the FBI made the drastic decision.

Bashir went missing on May 13 after he visited Miale entertainment lounge in Lavington area shortly after 5pm.

CCTV footage showed him chatting with security guards and bouncers at the establishment when he arrived just before he disembarked from his black Range Rover car registration number KCQ 007P, dishing out what appeared to be Sh1,000 notes to them.

The footage also showed that past 6.30pm shortly after he drove off the joint, his car was obstructed by another, causing a traffic snarl up on the road as passersby crowded to see what was going on.

It was not clear what was happening to him as this part was not captured by the surveillance footage.

His vehicle was later found burnt to a shell at a thicket in Kibiku, Ngong’ area of Kajiado County.

The remains of the car were evacuated from the scene by unknown people before the police could process the area to preserve forensic evidence.

During that hour captured by the surveillance footage, Bashir tried to call his wife, but the call was interrupted and his phone confiscated in what is presumed to have been a scuffle.

The family believes it was then switched off immediately.

However, data from a leading telco traced the phone to Ngong Road, which is also where the police last traced his car. His car tracker was also disabled.

Bashir’s body was discovered at the bank of the Nyamindi River in Kerugoya, Kirinyaga.


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