19 people fall sick after eating poisonous camel meat

Waa Sawir Tusaale ah.

A close to 20 people have fallen sick after allegedly eating meat from suspected unhealthy camel in southern Somalia.

According to officials, the incident took place in Rabdhuure village near Somalia’s border with Ethiopia.

The camel is said to have been sick all day before dying in Tuesday morning when it was slaughtered and shared among villagers.

Majority of the patients had diarrhoea and vomiting, with some even complaining of body aches, according to former lawmaker Hassan Moalim Yusuf Black, who hails from the area in Bakool region of southern Somalia.

“The situation of the 19 victims is deteriorating. They need to be taken hospital to save their lives because the area has no hospital to treat the patients,” he said.

Black has called for immediate probe into the incident, alerting that there might be outbreak of animal disease which further cause human disease.

“I call on the federal government, the South West and Jubbaland administrations and international agencies to urgently investigate this situation and come to the rescue,” the lawmaker urged the leaders.

Bakol deputy governor, Yahye Maalim who also confirmed the incident expressed concern over the health of the livestock in the region.

“If the camels are not treated promptly, the livestock in Bakool region will face extinction and people in the area will suffer droughts,” Maalim.


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