Hundreds seek help as floods cut off villages in Jowhar

Fatahaadda Wabiga Shabeelle ee uu sameeyay /Sawir hore/Keydka

Floods have cut off villages in Jowhar district, causing a humanitarian crisis for hundreds of people in Middle Shabelle region.

The villages were wiped out after River Shabelle burst its banks, leading new displacement in the region.

Hirshabelle administration Minister of Relief and Disaster Management Abdimahad Abdullahi Qoorgaab said that more than 5,000 families have no access to food and health services, as the only route to the area was destroyed, making humanitarian intervention difficult.

He added that the planes can barely land at the regional airport and that a small boat is required to traverse the city.

“The flooding cut off all access points to the city. You can only enter (Jowhar) with a boat,’ the minister said. “The crops were flooded just before the harvest, and their livestock were also killed in the flooding.”

UN food agency on Saturday said hundreds of people have been displaced and large farmlands of newly sown crops destroyed by floods after a Shabelle river burst its banks in Baarey & Moyko villages near Jowhar.

The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) alongside Somalia Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM) warned rising water levels along the Juba and Shabelle Rivers both in Somalia following heavy rains in Ethiopia in the previous weeks.

“The rainfall forecast for the period between May 12 -18, 2021 pointed towards a light to moderate rains within the upper parts of the Ethiopian highlands. The flood wave from the Ethiopian highlands along the Shabelle River continued to stream into Somalia leading to a gradual increase in river levels,” FAO said.


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