Somali President Farmaajo travels to Uganda for Museveni inauguration

Madaxweyne Farmaajo oo u ambabaxay Uganda

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo has today travelled to Kampala for the sixth inauguration ceremony of president Yuweri Kaguto Museveni of Uganda.

The president and his delegation left Adan Adde Airport in Mogadishu mid this morning.

Mr Museveni, who has been President for 35 years now, was declared winner with 58 per cent of a poll that was marked with contestation and a violent electoral season that claimed over 55 lives, leaving hundreds arbitrarily behind bars.

Opposition figures maintain rhetoric that the election, now on course to extending the Museveni-NRM party rule to 40 years was irregular with security forces at the other end claiming they have intelligence that dissidents are planning mass protests and a counter swearing in ceremony on the day.

Police and the army have warned of traffic interruption and heightened security in Kampala ahead of President Yoweri Museveni’s inauguration ceremony for his sixth five-year elective term at Kololo Independence Grounds on May 12.

According to Ugandan presidency, eleven Heads of State are attending in person and about ten will send high-power delegations.


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