No importation of khat from Kenya – Somali gov’t

Somali government has reiterated stance on maintaining the ban on khat imports from Kenya amid the diplomatic ties between the two countries was restored this week.

In a statement, Somali Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) informed to all operators that the government’s ban on the leafy stimulant is still in force.

“Transporting miraa without clearance from SCAA will be considered an unlawful act and violation of Somali Airspace,” the Aviation body said.

Somali government last year suspended Khat importation as the country struggling to stop spread novel coronavirus which was confirmed in Horn of Africa nation in mid-March.

Following the soaring of the ties between Somalia and Kenyan, Somali government put ban on the stimulant leafy.

According to sources, Somalia earlier demanded to export Kenya goods including fish, rice, sugar, honey, meat and milk in exchange of Khat from Kenya.

Somalia also asked treat Somalia as an equal, desist from interfering with Somalia’s internal affairs, apologise for violating Somalia airspace.

Kenya was also asked to stop forcing flights from Somalia to make a detour to Wajir for inspection.


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