Turkey lauds Somali parliament vote to drop extension

The government of Turkey has lauded the decision of Somalia’s lower house of parliament to nullify the “Special Law on Federal Elections” and return to the modalities outlined in the Sept. 17, 2020, electoral agreement.

In a statement, Turkish Foreign Ministry said the endorsement of the deal by the parliament will steer the nation towards holding commonly agreed elections.

“We welcome the decision of the Lower House of the Somali Parliament today (1 May), which endorses holding the elections on the basis of the 17 September agreement as soon as possible,” said the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Turkey said the move facilitate the resumption of the talk between the federal government and regional states.

“We hope that this development will serve to restart constructive talks among political stakeholders without delay and ensure progress on the basis of social consensus by overcoming disagreements,” the ministry said.

The ministry also stressed that Ankara, has always stood by the “friendly and brotherly” people of Somalia and would continue to maintain its “strong support.”

The Somali lower parliament chamber reversed this decision on Saturday in a unanimous vote, setting the country on course for previously agreed indirect elections, according to the house leadership.

Somali president Mohamed Abdullah Mohamed addressed the parliament, announcing that the country’s prime minister would lead the elections process.

“I’d like to state that our Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble will spearhead the process of preparations and the implementation of the electoral process, including key election security arrangements to ensure elections take place in a peaceful and stable atmosphere,” he told the lawmakers.


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