Hundreds of Somalis have rallied in the capital Mogadishu on Wednesday in protest against French government anti-Islam sentiment.

The protesters chanting anti-President Emmanuel Macron slogans called the business community in the country to boycott French products.

Other cities such as Burao and Galkayo also staged demonstrations against the insults by the French leaders.

Several Muslim countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey have removed French goods from supermarket shelves in protest of President Macron’s disrespect to Prophet Muhammad P.U.B.H last week following the killing of a history teacher by his student over the insult to Islam holy prophet.

The highest religious authority in Somalia has also condemned the move by Paris during a press conference on Tuesday.

Somalis online mainly on Twitter and Facebook also denounced what they termed as France anti-Islam agenda.

They sort the brand name and ways to boycott French goods and services in the horn of the African nation.


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