At least one of al-Shabaab commanders has been killed in security operation by Somali army in southwest Somalia.

According to military officials, Somali forces raided a village along Berdale-Awdinle town, prompting brief gun battle which the death of Ibrahim Moalim Abdi aka Ibrahim Ganey, a well-known militant in the area.

The officials said another fighter escape from the area leaving cache of weapons and some receipts.

Among the assortment recovered by Somalia are two AK47 rifles, five magazines, three mobile phones and several receipt books.

Al-Shabaab fighters had number of times ambushed government forces and officials in Bay region.

The group also controls dozens of remote villages in the region where they force locals to pay forceful taxes.

With the help of troops from African Union, Somali people had liberated major towns in region.

Despite losing large swarth territories, the group is still capable of staging deadly hit and run raids on the military bases and IED attack in some towns like the capital.


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