African Union (AU) is considering to relocate its training base for their mission in Somalia to Ethiopia, sources confirmed.

In an article carried by African Intelegence, it is reported that mission’s training in Somalia will be moved to their training base in the near future to Ethiopia.

The websites reported that following months long lobby, Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed Ali succeeded in getting AMISOM’s new rear base stationed in Jijiga.

The media outlet reports that the US Department of State has contracted Pacific Architects and Engineers (PAE), a US based military logistics contractor at the cost of $13.6 million to relocate AMISOM’s training infrastructure and reset them in Jigjiga which is located about 60km from the border with Somaliland.

African Union had deployed troops in Somalia in 2007 following request by Somali transitional goverment led by Abdullahi Yussuf Ahmed.

The mission drew troops from Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi and several other countries.

The AU troops succeeded to drive al-Shabaab fighters out of Somali capital in 2011 following days of heavy clashes.


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