Somalia’s special forces liberated four villages in Lower Juba, southern Somalia, from al-Shabaab, a military official said on Sunday.

The liberated villages included Jana-Abdalle, Mayonde, , Helishid, Garascebe.

Hassan Adan Iraqi, a military commander in the region, told Somali military radio that they killed several fighters during the operation.

The commander vowed that the forces will continue the operations to flush al-Shabaab fighters out of the region.

The liberation of villages comes less than a week after the forces liberated villages included Hawaljiri, Bernasey, Yaq-Bishaar and Osbo.

The Somali forces, in cooperation with the U.S. and African Union peacekeeping mission, are conducting operations against al-Shabab in Somalia to degrade the group’s ability to recruit, train and plot internal and external attacks.


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