President Mohamed Farmaajo has convened the National Security Council meeting slated for the first week of July two years after a similar one happened over fall-out with the Federal Member States.

A statement from Villa Somalia noted the President had invited the FMS leaders for the meeting set for July 5-8.

According to the statement, the meeting which also involves Banaadir Regional Governor will focus on the upcoming elections, security, economy, war on terror and constitutional review process.

The National Security Council last met in June 2018 in Baidoa. However, the Council has failed to meet since then owing to wrangles between Mogadishu and the Federal Member States.

The UN Security Council early this month urged President Mohamed Farmaajo to convene the Council meetings to address critical issues such as elections, security and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Federal Government announced last week it was recognising Ahmed Madobe’s election as president of Jubbaland after it vowed last year not to. The move by Mogadishu to mend relations with Kismayu appeared to pave way for the upcoming Security Council meeting.

Somalia is expecting to hold Parliamentary elections in October while the country will elect a new president February next year.

Parliament is currently reviewing contentious issues in the Electoral Law which include the Women Quota, Representation of Banaadir Region and Elections of for Somaliland seats in the Federal Parliament.


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